Adventures : Zeph Tales (9)

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Toilet Thoughts

353956_toiletThe following entry was found scribbled in Zeph’s journal – In a glad moment with the relieving of a stomach, I HAD to be here and now. Aptness of space and time. Never appreciated a present moment and place more than this. Ahhh…! If only I could learn to savour every moment, every now, like this moment, this NOW! The humming of the air-conditioning above is alone. This is quieter than the muffled mutters in the library itself. (Irony!) I open my non-library book (journal) in what is not really the library (its toilet) and write what crosses my mind – THIS. This is my personal public meditation room for now. And these have been my meditations. In the tradition of neat thoughtful unvulgar graffiti (which is oh so rare), Zeph almost wanted to write the poem on the wall. But he had no marker. He brushed the thought away quickly. How silly! Bad Karma to vandalise! As Zeph stood up to leave the cubicle, the toilet bowl auto-flushed, breaking the silence without warning. Time to enter the ‘noisy’ library to look for library books. Zeph didn’t notice – that in spite of having just written a piece on peace, he lost his peace of mind the very instant the toilet flushed. It was a pity that his peace was so easily lost. How shallow and conditioned by the environment his peace was! But the greater pity was that he didn’t realise it was so easily lost.

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