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Dharma at the Cinema

Thus Have I Seen (T.H.I.S.) Buddhist Film Festival @ 13 to 19 Sep 2009

Dharma In Action is pleased to present Thus Have I Seen (T.H.I.S.) Buddhist Film Festival. 10 films showcasing Buddhist values and cultures from all over the world will be screened (in Singapore). Visit www.thisfilmfest.com for more information and visit www.sistic.com to purchase your tickets now!

I received some queries as to which films I would recommend as must-sees. Having previewed the above (to help select them), below are my personal preferences (in sequence). I’m likely to write reviews for all of them as we get closer to the film fest dates. (Disclaimer: What’s wonderful for me might not be equally wonderful to you!)

01. Yilun Mingyue
02. The Dhamma Brothers
03. Sankara < Truly amazing and haunting film!
04. Arukihenro
05. Bhutan
06. Unmistaken Child
07. Mekong Full Moon Party
08. Zen Buddhism
09. Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
10. Act Normal