India Adventures (7): Invisible Precious Gem

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A 72 year old man led us through the pages of history by telling of a majestic empire that once occupied the great Ajgar Fort. A palace that used to house three main queens and thousands of concubines. Now, the fort is bare and naked of looted gems, which used to decorate its walls. A sense of impermanence fills the air. Once a palace filled with life and celebration, it is now only to be flooded by curious tourists This reminds me, of how all the riches in the world cannot bribe to win the law of transience. I bought home an unseen but precious gem from this tour Ajgar Fort – a priceless lesson on impermanence.

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1 thought on “India Adventures (7): Invisible Precious Gem

  1. This story of the invisible precious gem is how i felt too about the Egyptian temples i visited recently. Looted long ago all treasures gone except tourists taking photos.

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