How to Handle Misrepresentations of Buddhism

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This mail is to inform Buddhists of two serious cases of Buddhism being misrepresented in the context of Singapore, and what you can do about it. Please be assured that the featured  persons and their confused views in the videos do not represent proper Buddhists or Buddhist teachings. Thank you for standing up for religious harmony. May all co-exist in peace and happiness. (This mail was sent via a Buddhist mailing list for those who subscribed to it for Buddhist news. If you received this via another channel, it might not be meant for you.)

Some General Responses

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Some Buddhist Responses

Pastor Rony Tan Ridicules Buddhism

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Pastor Rony Blasts Buddhism

C. The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act Part III, Paragraph 8:

“8. —(1) The Minister may make a restraining order against any priest, monk, pastor, imam, elder, office-bearer or any other person who is in a position of authority in any religious group or institution or any member thereof for the purposes specified in subsection (2) where the Minister is satisfied that that person has committed or is attempting to commit any of the following acts:

(a) causing feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different religious groups…
(2) An order made under subsection (1) may be made against the person named therein for the following purposes:
(a) restraining him from addressing orally or in writing any congregation, parish or group of worshippers or members of any religious group or institution on any subject, topic or theme as may be specified in the order without the prior permission of the Minister;
(b ) restraining him from printing, publishing, editing, distributing or in any way assisting or contributing to any publication produced by any religious group without the prior permission of the Minister;…
(3) Any order made under this section shall be for such period, not exceeding 2 years, as may be specified therein.

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Buddhist Perspective on Importance of Religious Harmony

“One should not honour only one’s religion and condemn the religion of others, but one should honour others’ religion for this or that reason [that is worth honouring]. In so doing, one helps one’s own religion to grow and renders service to the religions of others too. In acting otherwise, one digs the grave of one’s own religion and also does harm to other religions.” – Buddhist King Asoka

What You Can Do to Protect the Integrity of the Buddha’s Teachings:

1. Learn and practise the Buddhadharma well.
2. Explain to the person with misconceptions on Buddhism with compassion and wisdom on what the right views should be and ask for open apologies where appropriate.
3. If the above does not work, please feel free to report to the police at citing disruption of the above Religious Harmony Act.
4. If the above does not work, please fee free to report to your MP or MCYS at

If Buddhists to not stand up for Buddhism, who will?

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