Why Share At All?

A young nephew didn’t understand the rationale of sharing, and became distressed when it was suggested to him that the iPhone lent to him for playing games should be passed in turn to other kids in the house too. Took me a while to conceive of how to share the value of sharing with him. Here’s how it goes:

‘Do you remember that the phone was lent to you by Aunt?
She shared it with you because she wanted you to be happy.
If she didn’t share, would you be happy?
Because you are happy, she is happy too.

So, if you share to make others happy, you can be happy too.
Isn’t it better to have more happy people?
The more you share with others, the more others share with you.

If no one shares, how sad it will be!’

Not sure if this is too philosophical for a kid!

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