Vegetarianism in ‘The Noose’

Last night, on ‘The Noose’, there was a TV clip spoofing the Rony Tan video saga. Instead of talking about Buddhism, the subject was laughing at vegetarianism. It’s funny, but it unfortunately perpetuates some misconceptions. An interviewee spoke of how he asked his family why they were vegetarians. It turned out that it was not because of religion but because they hate plants! While this seems to be a reasonably witty dig at vegetarians, it’s actually not – because meat-eaters consume more plants indirectly – as meat animals consume many times more plants in their lifetimes to fatten up! In other words, meat-eaters’ diets actually are more ‘plant-hating’ in effect. Of course, it is also ‘animal-hating’ – at least, for the animals eaten. Such a diet is also ‘Earth-hating’ in effect, as we can see below…

From Wikipedia, ‘In 2006, FAO estimated that meat industry contributes 18% of all emissions of greenhouse gases [which is more than that emitted by all motor vehicles]. This figure was revised in 2009 by two World Bank scientists and estimated at 51% minimum.’ Professor Pimentel explained that, ‘a beef animal consumed 100 kg of hay and 4 kg of grain per 1 kg of beef produced. Using the basic rule that it takes about 1,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of hay and grain, thus about 100,000 liters were required to produce the 1 kg of beef.‘ More shocking figures can be seen at on land use and pollution.

The Noose also featured an interview with the President (Vanda Joaquim) of an imaginary ‘Vegetarians Society (sic)’. She remarked that it is alright for meat-eaters to eat all the meat they want, but that they should not mock vegetarians. Hmmm… okay… but as above, adament meat-eaters unwittingly ‘mock’ animals, plants, planetary (and their personal) health in effect. Do you know that ‘U.S. [alone] could feed 800 million people with grain that livestock eat’? Going vegetarian thus helps to alleviate human starvation in poorer countries too – by freeing up more crops for human consumption, instead of using them to create more meat for the richer ones (yes, that’s us). Joaquim did correctly say that ‘meat is murder’, which true in more than one way!

At the end, Joaquim offers the reporter some food, ‘Would you like to have some mock duck?’ He backs off and replies, ‘No, thank you. I don’t eat mock meat, like I don’t wear mock flowers.’ Joaquim had, yes, a plastic Vanda Miss Joaquim(?) in her hair. Er… what’s so ‘disgusting’ with occasional mock meat, especially if they are made from healthier (and kinder) ingredients these days? Isn’t real duck meat much more disgusting, such that the blood and such had to be cleaned up? And er… what’s wrong with using mock flowers, which last longer? Why pluck real flowers if one needn’t? Well, vegetarians are after all, not ‘plant-haters’ in spirit! In fact, many of them love plants, animals, fellow humans and the planet – which is why they are vegetarian!

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