Summary of the Six Perfections

The Six Perfections (Paramitas) are essential qualities to be practised and perfected for the realisation of True Happiness (Buddhahood; Nirvana; Enlightenment). Based on the selfless intention to benefit one and all, they guide us towards happiness whenever they are practised – even when they are yet to be perfected.

[1] Generosity: The sharing of truth, wealth, comfort (fearlessness), time and effort with one and all. The more generous one is, the more abundance will one have.

[2] Morality: The upholding of good conduct to benefit one and all. The better one is in conduct, the more safe and cherished will one be.

[3] Patience: The training of endurance to overcome challenges (difficulties) to protect one and all. The more patient one is, the more strong will one be.

[4] Energy: The exerting of enthusiastic efforts to fulfill the worthy for one and all. The more energetic one is, the more goals will one fulfill.

[5] Concentration: The focusing of the mind for single-pointed strength to attain Wisdom for one and all. The more concentrated one is, the more attentive and dedicated will one be.

[6] Wisdom: The realising of insight into the truths of life and the universe to help one and all. The more one wise one is, the more happiness will one have.