Super Short Story (129): Perfection

Super Short Story (129): Perfection

In the vast reaches of the universe,
he imagines there ought to be
another version of himself…

Someone similar to him,
but not exactly so,
who is very likely to exist…

Someone who is at least
slightly a better person,
whom he can surely emulate…

Someone who also imagines
there is a better version of himself,
ad infinitum… until there is a perfect version.

He imagines that if he keeps imagining so,
he will always become a better person,
even if by taking baby steps.

(In Buddhism, there are many accounts of Bodhisattvas
whose paths to enlightenment are archetypically similar,
who were inspired by Buddhas to perfect themselves.
As there is only one state of perfect Buddhahood,
it is as if Buddhas are spiritually ‘cloned’ into being!)