Brownice: A Vegan Ice-cream Paradise!

SloganThis is a long overdue review, but better to be late than never! Alright, enough of my excuses. Brownice used to have two shops, but is now back to only one shop at Sin Ming Centre. It’s sad that they had to close their branch at Zhong Shan Mall. Well, it is never easy to set up shop in Singapore, what more a vegan one. It took about 10 years in Singapore for the word ‘vegan’ to become more commonly known. But there are plenty who are still clueless about the word, and the great importance of veganism.

When we first heard of Brownice, we were really thrilled. Simply because ice-cream, commonly made from cow milk and some with eggs, is like a cruel joke to vegans. We are kind of damned from touching such delights. Furthermore, chances of finding vegan version in this tiny dot of the world were next to none. In the end, we did find some from the Cold Storage supermart. However, to have a vegan ice-cream parlor in a relatively carnistically dominated country is like finding gold.

Founded in July 2010, Brownice began its journey to provide Singaporeans (vegans and non-vegans) its healthy and harm-free desserts. Made from organic brown rice milk, fruits and nuts, that are not only dairy-free, egg-free and all-natural, they have 24 different flavors (with some subject to availability)! Brownice also offers ice-cream cakes (pre-order needed), brownies, waffles, mudpies, pocket sandwiches (hummus cheese), pizzas (Classic, & Tofu Thinner Pizza), coffee, and tea. This makes it a full-fledged cafe, and of course with friendly staff eager to serve.

Having said that, I’m kind of miss their Creamy Vegan Mushroom Pocket Sandwich. I wish they still have it. How about adding more flavors like avocado, olive or tomato? I’m up for any good and healthy inventions. Hopefully, they are busying concocting new recipes in their kitchen now!

Anyway, if you have a sweet tooth, yet are suffering from lactose intolerance or are watchful of your calories, Brownice is your answer. Even if you are none of the above, Brownice is still a fantastic place for anyone to chill out. Who can say no to truly guilt-free indulgence?

Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628
Operating Hours: Mon – Thurs = 1pm to 11pm
Fri – Sundays = 1pm to 12am
Tel: 64566431

1. Ice cream counter
2. One side of the cafe near the entrance
3. Ice cream counter at Zhong Shan Mall Branch (Closed)
4. Wall deco at Zhong Shan Mall branch (Closed)
5. Brownies with two scoops of ice cream (Dark Chocolate & Madagascan Vanilla)
6. Waffles with two scoops of ice cream (Dark Chocolate & French Chocolate)
7. Mudpie
8. Pocket Sandwiches
9. Hummus Cheese Pocket Sandwiches
10. Creamy Vegan Mushroom Pocket Sandwich
11. Classic Thinner Pizza
1s. Tofu Thinner Pizza (yet to try Lenthil Thinner Pizza)

SMDeco1 SMDeco2Deco1ZSMDeco2BrowniesIceCream2 WafflesIceCream MudpieHotPockets Hummus MushroomClassicPizza TofuPizza

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