Perfection: Wandering Thought #125

Wandering Thought #125: Perfection

You do not have to be perfect to be perfect. In fact, you must be imperfect to become perfect. If not, you would be perfect already. However, you will need to know how imperfect you are now, while having the potential to be perfect later, and you must want to make the necessary efforts to perfect yourself. Perfection is not in the realm of the worldly though, for all things earthly are fleeting, including these bodies we have. It is in the realm of the spiritual, in terms of improving and refining character, of perfecting our compassion and wisdom for one and all, going beyond this life too. Perfection is after all, what is perfect for benefiting everyone, not just for one, and for all time.

(Please pardon the slightly rude comic, that nevertheless rings true for some of us!)

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