Why the name? One should not mistaken the finger, which only serves as a guide, that points at the moon, which represents the truth, to be the moon itself. To see the truth, one has to see beyond that which shows the truth. This is a classic Buddhist analogy which reminds us of the importance of skilfully using forms and words, without being attached to them – including those in this website!

Why the logo? Set against the backdrop of a ring of night sky, is a crescent moon, as eclipsed by the earth. While the planet shrouds the full moon from view, it ‘points’ at the moon too, reminding us of the paradox of how the very mindfulness of the darkness of delusion guides us to the light of wisdom. The earth also stands for everything ‘worldly’ as a platform to attain transcendental liberation, as symbolised by the moon. The logo also resembles an eye which looks beyond its illusory ‘self’ to know and see the truth.

What so far? With strong regard for personal spiritual experiences and creative expression, moonpointer.com strives to be both enlightening and entertaining via the medium of both online and offline text and images. To date, about 4,000 original articles have been created via various sub-projects. The rough timeline of the evolution of Project Moonpointer is as follows:

Moonpointer: Buddhist Blog Community of Everyday Dharma (2)

The Buddhist Perspective of Vegetarianism
15.05.06: http://www.moonpointer.com/vege/index.htm

12.06.06: http://www.greentheme.blogspot.com

Rabbit Horn
09.06.06: http://rabbithorn.blogspot.com

Buddhist Vegan Fellowship
29.11.05: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/bvf.php

Moonpointer: Buddhist Blog Community of Everyday Dharma (1)
26.07.05: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies

Moonpointer: Designs & Publications
23.05.06: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/dpublications.php

Zlyrica’s Photo Gallery
19.08.05: http://flickr.com/photos/62433231@N00

Moonpointer Photo Gallery (0)
07.08.05: http://flickr.com/photos/68447559@N00

Moonpointer Photo Gallery (1)
03.08.05: http://flickr.com/photos/moonpointer

Unseen 2
05.05.05: http://www.moonpointer.com/unseen/unseentoo.htm

Unseen 1
05.05.05: http://www.moonpointer.com/unseen

Moonpointer: Buddhism-Inspired Movie Reviews
01.02.05: http://www.moonpointer.com/movies

22.12.04: http://www.moonpointer.com/mooncentral/jun05.htm

Moonpointer 2
17.06.04: http://moonpointer.blogspot.com

Shiqin’s Window Reflections
18.09.03: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/shiqin.php

Stonepeace (2)
18.09.03: http://www.moonpointer.com/stonepeace

Zeph’s Journal
08.09.03: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/zeph.php

Infinite Shades of Grey
08.09.03: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/grey.php

Silent Swirl
06.04.03: http://www.moonpointer.com/oldies/silentswirl.php

Stonepeace (1)
23.11.02: http://stonepeace.blogspot.com

Some Samsaric Stuff
09.12.02: http://www.moonpointer.com/zeph/sss.htm

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Viewpoints in Moonpointer articles do not necessarily represent that of the Moonpointer community or any organisation.

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