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Monday, May 05, 2003
Different Experience

But that's just my experience of him- each of us experiences each of us differently due to different karma and perception. So be fair to him and experience him for yourself!


Shin: I hate it when things are out of my control.
Zeph: What can you do? Let go. This is a test of your practice- fret not- relish this test while it lasts- and pass with flying colours!


A drop of pure poison
in a well of pure water
makes the entire well poisonous.
Purification of the mind
is the total purging of the three poisons
to the very last strain.

Sunday, May 04, 2003
Death in Life

Putting death in the picture of life is a start in the right direction
because life indeed moves towards death
at a rate we cannot tell.


Meditation is not a drug- it ends all drugs- including our addiction to life and death. It should not be an addiction that one practises for highs. Meditaton ultimately leads to release- from all highs and lows. This release is the real "high."

This is Your First & Last Moment

In every moment, we change physically and mentally, even if subtly.
Thus we are dying and reborn every moment concurrently.
The sunset here is sunrise there-
depending on your point of view.
Live every moment fully then-
as if it were your first and last-
because it is indeed your first and last!
How do you want to begin your life?
How do you want to end your life?

Love Secret

Secret to seeking love-
Don't seek love.
In loving others truly,
you will be truly loved by others.


You breathe the air
which the universe breathes.
You do not begin or end with you.
You are the living universe.
You and the birds and the trees
and everything else are one interbeing.
We are not independent but interdependent.

The Sun & the Rain

Sunshine comes after rain.
Rain comes after sunshine.
Why not enjoy both with equanimity while they last,
without attachment to one or aversion to another?

Where is Truth?

The only truth up in the mountains
is the truth you bring there.
If you can't find the truth where you are,
where do you expect to find it?
The truth is not out there.
The truth is in you.
No- the last two lines are not exactly true.
Truth is everywhere-
but it is seen within before without.
Where can you go that does not have truth?
Where can you go that is untrue?

Productivity & Perfectionism

zL: Many do not understand the meaning of being productive and being perfect.
Z: Real perfectionism is wanting both P's.
zL: In fact, you can't be perfect- unless you are a Buddha. Be content for now. Trying your perfect best now is already perfect for now.
Z: I cannot be a Buddha right now; but I can be buddha-ish straightaway.


Entertainment- Playing with Emptiness
Enlightenment- Realising Emptiness
Emptiness- Anicca (Impermanance) and Anatta (Insubstantiality)

Dotted Lines

Nature's membranes in plants and animals are dotted lines-
that's how they can 'breathe' in and out-
that's how they exist in interbeing with the rest of nature.
This is the teaching of emptiness and dependent origination- there is no independent self.
If we all freeze up with solid lines or walls that cut ourselves from each other,
we will die trying to be independent and self-contained.


If one feels something to be self-understood while another not,
it is not self-understood- at least not for the second party.
Does this 'mis-understanding' reflect at least half of the world out there?
If we are unsure about whether something is self-understood,
do we make the surer decision of declaring what should be understood?
The practice of Right Speech in the Noble Eightfold Path includes making clear the unclear truth.

Being a Bodhisattva in the Workplace

The Bodhisattva vows are to benefit as many as possible and to minimise harming any beings extend in all directions. These vows are not constrained by worlds or departments. Bodhisattvas don't work in any fixed department. And they do not shift blame, or be apathetic to the ignorance or suffering of any being- as they see themselves as one with all beings. Bodhisattvas look out for each colleague (or any other being) as much as they can, whether there are any work politics or not between. In this way, even the scheming backstabbers and of the like can be touched and transformed.

Monday, April 21, 2003
You Your Judge & Jury

No one can judge you if you do not judge yourself.
Am I saying we should not judge ourselves?
If you do not judge yourself,
how do you better yourself?
Your standards of judging yourself must be higher than yourself,
or even that of everyone else's,
or you will never outgrow yourself.


Z: Feelings... nothing more than feelings...
S: Wrong! Changes, nothing more than changes.


zL: How reliable can technology be? Train broke down, leaving us in distress...
Z: Only the Dharma is reliable and does not break down. Only the Dharma frees us from distress.


Suffering or Dissatisfactoriness (Dukkha)
is wanting to cling on,
is not being able to cling on
the moment past, to come, or now.
This is the First Noble Truth, the Second Universal Characteristic.


Inspired by "Easier to Run" on Linkin Park's "Meteora"-
It might be
easier to run
But it might only mean
it might be
harder to run
in future.
It might be escapism,
not escape.

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