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This is Part of Work

You might be wondering what am I doing now...
blogging during office hours...

I have to catch the inspirations in softcopy before they fade-
for my Buddhist e-Newsletter editorial work!
And blogging is so convenient that it's like keying in a Word document...
and at the push of a single button, voila, it is archived online!

Wow- i'm advertising for Blogger!
But it deserves it- my web discovery of the year.

When the Rain is Everywhere

When my Master and I were walking in the rain,
he would say,
"Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere."

-Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
from "Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki,"
by David Chadwick (Broadway Books)

This reminds me of people dashing for the bus which has reached the bus-stop, when there are already many people clogging the in door. These people hurry only to clog it more. A clogged entrance is already clogged! I look on, amused, as i take my time to saunter towards the bus, making it just in time.

The rain is everywhere. As long as we are unenlightened, Samsara is everywhere. But more specifically, Samsara is where we bring our defilements to. Where we do not lug them along, it is Pureland Since there is no escape from the rain and other inevitable downpours of life, why not bask in it? Haha... basking in the rain, not just sun.

Round & Round

Like they say, "What goes around comes around." Common sense isn't it?
If you move in a circle, you come back full circle.

Why then are we caught up in so many senseless cycles in this life? I don't mean eat, sleep, sh*t...- since these are daily to-dos. I refer to all the other unnecessary habitual cycles. Don't we know they only seem to get us somewhere, yet nowhere in reality?

These are the very things that bind us to the wheel of (mis)fortune, of life and death. Arghhh.... sick game. It's like re-playing Russian Roulette with one player- yourself- you dread the bullet through your head, and you know it will come- unexpectedly... again and again.

Are YOU in the Dharma-Ending Age?

Here is what i see as a sure way to the answer to the above. It might seem like a funny question- but i see the Dharma-Ending Age as a personalised experience instead of a generalised one. It's relative when you really think of it. You could be a worm squirming in the dirt near the Buddha's feet 2500+ years ago; instead of a disciple in front of Him. That's definitely not the True Dharma Age for you back then, isn't it?

To know the answer to the question in the header, ask yourself this- "Are you confident of making irreversible progress towards Enlightenment in this life?"
If your answer is "No,"... Wake up! Snap out of YOUR Dharma-Ending Age!

Sick & Tired

Heard uttered by a female black cop on the beat on "Da Vinci's Inquest Yr 3" just minutes ago on Ch.5:

sick and tired
of being
sick and tired."

Sounds like someone on the verge of the renunication of samsara to me. I have to remind myself- Real renunciation is just letting go Greed, Hatred and Ignorance. With Wisdom (anti-thesis of Ignorance), Bodhisattvas do not have Greed or Hatred for this (or any other) world- and they can stay and help other beings in it best they can- unstained by the stained and the staining.

Interesting Boredom Theory

Q: Why are Earthlings looking out to outer space?
Q: Why do the super-technologically advanced aliens (if any) cruise thru the universe?
Q: Why am I blogging here in cyberspace?
Q: Why are you reading this blog?

A: They/We are bored.

"Moral of the Story"-

Technological advancement is not spiritual advancement.
It can't even solve the age-old problem of boredom-
which is a manifestation of craving.
Ahhh... this is where the Dharma comes in.
The aliens with too much time on their hands need the Truth.

Theravada Zen

"Better than if there were thousands
of meaningless words is
one meaningful word
that on hearing brings peace."....


-Dhammapada, 8

Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Reach Me @

Oh yes...Please feel free to reach me @ anytime. Would love to hear and put up your comments! ByTheWay, i write regularly irregularly for Visit it!

Blogging Vs Pubbing, Clubbing & Partying

Madness indeed.
All the posts today were written with a semi-concentrated frown on my brow.
I'm bored and a little frustrated by the tons of work I have to do.
But this beats pubbing and clubbing and partying any time.

I used to joke-
Pubbing is drinking.
Clubbing is drinking and dancing
Partying is drinking and dancing and hopefully (to many) wham-bam time.

Different grades of Samsara huh?
Nothing modern if you think of it- Pubbing, Clubbing and Partying has been around since boredom began haha

Wanting Happiness

Any sensual bliss in the world,
any heavenly bliss,
isn't worth one sixteenth-sixteenth
of the bliss of the ending of craving.

-Udana II, 2

Yes indeed-
How can wanting, even if it is wanting to be happy,
be more happy than not wanting anything?


Blogging- why do i like it?
Is it a vain labour of love?
Not really. Even if no one reads it, i will.
Blogging- It's a personal mirror for self-reflection,
for taking stock of myself.
May my entries be more and more enlightening.

Burden to End Burdens

Something rather amusing to myself-
I was hushing colleagues to speed up submission of project/event reports,
and came up with this-
"Paperwork is a present necessary burden to relieve future burdens."
(These reports are for prevention of repeated mistakes and future improvement)

Reminds me of the Buddha's teaching that
"There is suffering that leads to more suffering &
there is suffering that leads to the end of it."

Of course, in this day and age- paperwork is typing work.
Blogging is fine though.
Think i'm going to like this.

This is the Blog-gining of a Beautiful Relationship?

I wished I didn't have to do this... blogging that is.
More meditation would solve the problem.
Sophie says I am a mass of contradictions-
that I think too much.
(Meditation is the end of thinking- it is just seeing.)

Guess this first blog entry proves her right? Sigh!
We'll see.
Maybe it'll be a growing addiction-
maybe i'll grow out of it?

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