Zen : All Around

Above’s an original design that would look interesting
as part of a traditional Chinese door frame?
You can read the word ‘Zen’ in four directions.
What’s the ‘moral’ of the design?
Zen is all around!

Below is the one-dimensional version.
Tattoo anyone?

14 thoughts on “Zen : All Around

  1. i think there is a Jap vegetarian restaurant hidden somewhere near Upper Thomson area which I heard from my friend bf, will find out more…

  2. Right, take photo and share good places of Veg*n Food in Singapore (You don’t have to be a Vegetarian to eat Veg*n Food (like soybean milk, pancake etc) :wink:)

    BTW, I had a photo of the most yummy Veg*n Char Siew, see the picture http://crystalmisc.blogspot.com/2009/02/vegetarian-health-food-lohan-group.html

    Don’t believe me, go there to try, just S$1.50, you will be SURPRISE!

    Too bad, i’m not good in writing, if not such good news can be shared at the food review at Hungrygowhere those kind of sites.

  3. Anyone miss the LingZhi Mushroom Hot Pot Buffet? They finally bring back this after many people requested.

    They advertised at the WanBao on 13.02.09. It is at Velocity @ Novena Square. Hotpot Buffet for Lunch & Dinner – S$20.80++/$25 ! :woot:

    If you don’t like mock meat, this doesn’t have any!

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