Album : India

Bodhgaya-Gaden Phel Gay Ling Temple

Bodhgaya-Great Buddha Statue

Bodhgaya-Kagyu Tibetan Temple

Bodhgaya-Mahabodhi Temple

Bodhgaya-Mahakala Cave

Bodhgaya-Yongey Tergar Temple

Kunshinagar-Mahaparinirvan Temple

Kunshinagar-Mynamar Temple

Kunshinagar-Replica of Sanchi Stupa

Kushinagar-Matha Kuar Shrine

Kushinagar-Ramabhar Stupa

Kushinagar-Vietnamese Temple

6 thoughts on “Album : India

  1. Great pictures! I only just completed my Sri Lanka pictures close to 6 months later :P, haven’t started my India trips’s yet:P

  2. I have gone through the site of Moonpointer. I am Indian Buddhist. Though I have visited some Buddhist places but I could not have complete photographs. Through this site I could see photos of all Buddhist places. Besides, photos are available of Buddhist places of other countries also.
    In fact, I am associated with an organisation ‘Buddhist Welfare Society’Meerut. I and some my colleges of this organisation were trying to have such pictures to display as part of our activity.I will try to download tgease photos, if could be.
    My thanks to Buddhist friends and Moonpointer for making available such valuable photos.
    With metta,

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