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  1. Hi guys, just came across your very nice collection. Was the trip done in early November? Like the mood of the pics. You must have done very good planning to cover so many places in 9 days.

  2. It was around October, on the brink of the start of autumn. A near miss! Half of the planning was accidental, as a friend in Kyoto suggested and guided us to places beyond but near Kyoto too. But really, Kyoto alone is enough to occupy a lot of time but the good news is that many Buddhist temples (some 1,600 in all!) there are close to one another.

    Do check out the Japan Tales section too: https://moonpointer.com/new/japan-tales



  3. Accidental planning?

    I guess the most ideal is probably to budget lots of extra time in between the planned sites. Are the temples really as few people as it seems on your photos?

  4. Accidental planning : some pre-planning did, followed by lots of re-planning according to discoveries along the way and guidance by friend!

    Yes, ample time between is good. We tend not to snap pics of people as people shots tend to make the pics not so timeless, and in many cases, ‘spoil’ the scenery too. Some temples are packed and some less so.



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