Movie Reviews With Buddhist Views

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[Last updated: 06.07.2009]

356 Buddhism-Inspired Movie Reviews (204 Full + 152 Short Reviews)

Full Reviews:

204. The Success of Operation ‘Valkyrie’

203. Stuck in the ‘Land of the Lost’

202. Drag All Out of Hell (Drag Me to Hell),8291,0,0,1,0

201. ‘Terminator’s ‘R’ Us?,8285,0,0,1,0

200. ‘Blood’y Demonisation of the Demonic?,8261,0,0,1,0

199. Haunted by ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’

198. ‘Wolverine’s Animal & Buddha-Nature,8103,0,0,1,0

197. From a Big Bad Wolf to ‘The Woodsman’

196. ‘Penelope’s Piggy Plight,8080,0,0,1,0

195. Bittersweet ‘School Days with a Pig’,8013,0,0,1,0

194. Fancy Being ’17 Again’?,8012,0,0,1,0

193. Grow Up Children, Don’t You Suffer (The Sky Crawlers)

192. What If Someone Loves You Till He’ll Kill for You? (Suspect X)

191. 7 Lessons from ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’,7829,0,0,1,0

190. Today is ‘Groundhog Day’
The 10,000 Things You Can’t Bring Along

189. The Buddhism of ‘Benjamin Button’,7736,0,0,1,0

188. ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ in Shock,7563,0,0,1,0

187. The ‘Twilight’ or Dawn of Desire?,7673,0,0,1,0

186. The Unseen ‘Ip Man’ Behind Bruce Lee?,7663,0,0,1,0

185. From ‘Chandni Chowk To China’, Delusion to Realisation,7665,0,0,1,0

184. The Ponyo Paradox of Change & Acceptance: Review of ‘Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea’,7664,0,0,1,0

183. The Undelivered Love of ‘Cape No. 7’

182. What Price ‘Pride and Glory’?,7533,0,0,1,0

181. Cape No. 7

180. ‘Four Christmases’ for this Christmas?,7466,0,0,1,0

179. The Quest for a ‘Quantum of Solace’

178. Tokyo!
Interior Design:

177. Photography as Skilful Means for Those ‘Born into Brothels’

176. Swindled by ‘The Black Swindler’

175. Forgotten Truths in a “Body of Lies”,7381,0,0,1,0

174. Lying in “The Coffin” to Contemplate Death?,7322,0,0,1,0

173. Looking Deeper Beneath “Painted Skin”,7328,0,0,1,0

172. Another One of “The Clone Wars”?,7069,0,0,1,0

171. How the “Buddha’s Lost Children” were Found,7061,0,0,1,0

170. “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” I Can Realise the Truth,7037,0,0,1,0

169. Complaints & “Money No Enough 2”,6941,0,0,1,0

168. The Unrecognised “12 Lotus” Bodhisattvas

167. Of Nature, Human-Nature, Buddha-Nature & “Hellboy II”,6888,0,0,1,0

166. Why So Serious about “The Dark Knight”?,6859,0,0,1,0

165. All Hail the Holy “Hancock”?,6768,0,0,1,0

164. “Wanted by the Law of Karma?,6742,0,0,1,0

163. Untraceable

162. A Study of Rage in “The Incredible Hulk”,6667,0,0,1,0

161. Whatever “The Happening” Might Be,6655,0,0,1,0

160. “The Secret” of the Law of Resistance,6654,0,0,1,0

159. The Zen of “Kung Fu Panda”,6619,0,0,1,0

158. “Indiana Jones” and the Quest for the Buddha’s Crown,6583,0,0,1,0

157. Of Friendship, Love, “Sex and the City”,6549,0,0,1,0

156. Stark Dharma from “Iron Man”,6386,0,0,1,0

155. The Irreverent Dharma of “Harold and Kumar”,6249,0,0,1,0

154. “Run, Fatboy, Run” for Your Life,6202,0,0,1,0

153. “The Orphanage” of “Absent” Children,6164,0,0,1,0

152. “Be Kind Rewind” to Good Ol’ Days?,6163,0,0,1,0

151. “Horton Hears a Who!” Whoever that Is!,6137,0,0,1,0

150. What’s In “The Bucket List”?,6080,0,0,1,0