Fear & Anger Disempowers Us

In ‘Green Lantern: Secret Origin’ by Geoff Johns, Sinestro teaches Hal Jordan on how to use his power ring, which can manifest any form he visualises to rescue or defend beings in need – ‘Your constructs are weak. They’re laced with anger. And although the guardians [of the Green Lantern Corps] believe fear creates cracks in our willpower, anger will distort it. Anger will make it unfocused. A Green Lantern needs to be focused.’

That’s good advice – even for us, who don’t have such power rings – because what mentioned still applies to all Bodhisattvas-in-training! As such, all Green Lanterns are only as powerful as their minds are strong in calmness, clarity, compassion and wisdom. Working together, these qualities manifest as skilful means to help the needy, as projected and magnified by the power rings which serve like wish-fulfilling jewels.

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