A Fool Too Nov29


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A Fool Too

From afoottoo:

Reminds me of this,

“Fools try to contradict every teaching,
as if they are wiser than every teacher,
while they have nothing wiser to teach.

If one is already so wise and so kind,
why not teach perfect wisdom with perfect compassion
to benefit countless like the Buddha now?”

Hope no one will be such fools.

A reply:

I nearly fell off my chair when I read afooltoo’s message.
Frankly, it is so clear he is dedicating his poetic message to me…
please do not refer people as fools.

From afoottoo:

afooltoo is ‘a fool too’,
much like other fools,
IF, and only IF they resonate with the ‘poem’ above.
[Who assumed it to be for whom? Who resonated with it?]
But real fools might not use it for reflection?

Conceiving so his foolishness
the fool is thereby wise,
while a ‘fool’ is called that fool
conceited that he’s wise.

– The Buddha (Dhammapada)