A Limbo Befriender?

Something written a long time ago… (Facebook has changed much since)

Checking if a friend sees me as a friend,
I clicked ‘add as friend’,
and waited.

‘Awaiting friend confirmation’, says Facebook still, days later.
Am I actually secretly ignored already,
or left in the ambivalent limbo between acceptance and rejection?

I can click the little ‘x’ to ‘cancel friend request’.
But why should I, as I clicked ‘add as friend’ sincerely,
and remain sincere?

Perhaps friendship is not always so black or white.
One is not a friend just because one is ‘added’.
One is not a non-friend just because one is ‘removed’ or ‘ignored’.

There is the in-between too –
those ‘awaiting friend confirmation’,
a third kind of relationship, between friendship and non-friendship?

I appreciate the kindness to not clearly reject,
though not clearly accepting either,
because there is hope?

Maybe Facebook will only mess things up?
Maybe Facebook will help sort things out?
Too many maybes?

What’s going on?
I don’t really know
because I can’t read minds.

How can I draw a final conclusion about what the person must be thinking
if things are still open-ended,
if I remain open-hearted and open-minded?

How can the person draw a final conclusion about me
if things are still open-ended,
unless the person is close-hearted and close-minded?

‘Not now’?
Pending for how long?
As long as needed.

We are after all
going to really befriend each other sooner or later
on the one path to Buddhahood.

Those always there for you
even if you are not always there for them
will always be your friends.

Please don’t feel pressurised to add me
because I think I understand the ambivalence.
I won’t ever ask about it in person too.

May we win each other over
with stronger friendship with each other.
May all be well and happy!