GE2015 & SG50 Haikus Jan08


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GE2015 & SG50 Haikus

‘Beware the man of a single book (homo unius libri).’ – St. Thomas Aquinas

Always read widely and investigate deeply for a 360-degree view to prevent blindsided dogmatism. 12 Feb 2015: Latest World Press Freedom Index (Reporters Without Borders) shows ‘drastic decline’; Singapore ranked at No.153 [out of 180 countries]:!/index-details/SGP

Haiku #1:

‘Ownself check ownself’
means not super confident;
but not confident.

Haiku #2:

(As) no Wheel-Turning King*
has come or is coming soon,
keep ‘checking’ the ‘king’.

* 转轮圣王: An ideal noble ‘king’ who arises once in an extremely long while; not in our time

Haiku #3:

Be wary of (any)one*
who hints perfection in all –
a perfect liar.

*who is clearly no Buddha

Haiku #4:

Beyond gratitude (for any person),
there must be wisdom to think,
(and) compassion to feel (for the masses)

Haiku #5:

Thinking all is fine
is probably the worst way
to think about all.*

* Do look more carefully, at all sides, to realise all is not fine at all

Haiku #6:

Bad faith to yourself –
please do not let it become
bad faith to us all.*

* with your choices and actions

Haiku #7:

(Living in an) ivory tower –
(it is way) too high (up) to see the people
struggling below*

* to continue paying, supporting and building the tower

Haiku #8:

Not too confident to win?
Set the chessboard first!*

* not that it is encouraged at all, to ‘cheat’ before playing ‘fair’

Haiku #9:

All underdogs know
what all underdogs endure
more than all topdogs.

Haiku #10:

To not really care
about political choice
is simply careless.*

* as an unwise vote or non-vote will affect the masses, including oneself

Haiku #11:

Choose for the future; *
not for the past gone** or now.
Where to go from here?

* for yourself and future generations

** as distracted by, using ‘misguided nostalgia’ reminisced endlessly and pointlessly with ‘celebrations’ including $10 million worth (or rather, waste) of fireworks, plus much more funds that could help the needy

Haiku #12:

Do not be confused.
If there were any true crimes,
there would be charges.*

* and jail already, instead of being able to stand for election.

Haiku #13:

If there were no crimes,
the truly guilty ones are
those suggesting them.*

*who are simply out to confuse.

Haiku #14:

SG50 stuff:
much ‘misguided nostalgia’.
Key pivot is now.

Charlie Chan Hock Chye –
The best SG50 gift,
Of truths forgotten.