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Lacking in integrity are those 
who make rules for others, 
yet break them personally.


Those with strong integrity 
welcome others to check 
the strength of their integrity.


Those without 
watertight integrity 
dread every little leak 
of their lack of integrity.


How can there be true justice 
when the accused is both 
the defendant and 
the judge of the accused?


Beware of attempts 
to turn on your emotions, 
to distract you, and
to turn off your reason, 
to confuse you.


Bad history always repeats 
for those with bad memories 
of their lessons neither learnt 
nor remembered well.


The more those weak 
in integrity fear questions, 
the more those strong in integrity 
should fearlessly question.


With no supernatural lawmaker, 
all beings are subject to, 
with no one above 
the natural law of karma.


What you refuse to see clearly is 
what you allow to confuse indefinitely.


While clearly proven truths
are beyond question, 
vaguely spoken claims
should be questioned.