Hatred : Wandering Thought #76

Wandering Thought #76: Hatred

While one bears hatred against another, imagining the person to be giving pain, it is really oneself who causes the pain, by nursing the hatred, while the person only conditions it. Should one hate oneself then? No – as such pain is the fault of hatred; not oneself. If there is self-hatred for having hatred, it will never dissolve. Thus was the Buddha very wise when he taught that ‘Hatred can never be ceased by hatred; hatred can only be ceased by love – this is an eternal law.’ To let go of hatred, loving-kindness is needed not only for oneself, but the hated person too. Even if the person does not seek forgiveness, you have the power to forgive. Seek justice if needed, but with compassion instead of hatred, only to offer a lesson, and to deter further harm to anyone.