True Friends : Wandering Thought #75

Wandering Thought #75: True Friends

True enemies stab you in the back with outright lies and such because they do not care, as they really wish to harm. True friends ‘stab’ you in the front with hard but necessary truths because they do care, as they really wish to help. But they try their best to deliver painful truths ever so gently, and are there to brace you for reality, lest you suffer from shock. And if true friends seem to ‘stab’ you in the back subtly, being the true friends that they are, it is because you do not seem ready for a front ‘stab’, which might jeopardise your friendship, while there is still the need to share a difficult truth with you. May we never mistaken our true friends as enemies, even if they seem a little harsh at times – all for our own good.