Taiwan Adventure (9): Oh Deer!

A wholesale shop’s salesperson showed us a cellophane wrapped deer foetus, telling us that she is a ‘Buddhist’, and thinks that it is alright for those who have respiratory problems to use it for cure, even for vegetarians, since it’s ‘medicine’. I didn’t agree – because one’s health need not be improved based on the taking of a life – especially when there are alternative vegetarian cures available.

Which is more important – your health or the deer’s life? For me, I would rather live a little less well, and let a deer live, than to live better while depriving a deer of life (by the rule of supply and demand). Hey, it’s just a baby… unborn too! If you would not give up your baby for someone else, why should you demand someone else’s baby? (By the way, not all Buddhists are vegetarians, and none ‘need’ to be if not ready, though it is ideal to be, as one of the many practices of compassion.)

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7 thoughts on “Taiwan Adventure (9): Oh Deer!

  1. well said and well-argued too … helps to renew my faith in adhering to this practice. Thanks Shian!

  2. It can be challenging at times when we can’t seem to argue against opposing views. No worries – drop a note here for solutions! Amituofo


  3. i am not a taiwanese, but i just came back from taiwan.

    the above foetus u saw was from a species called the “mei hua lu”. it is a species greatly cherished by the taiwan community so they have in place laws that strictly prohibit the hunting of these national species deers. there is however, a more civilised way of obtaining these foetuses. taiwan, being a country susceptible to earthquakes, often has tremors now and then and deep in the mountains, these pregnant deers are easily frightened and tend to jump and run about frantically during these earthquakes. They are prone to miscarriages, and the foetuses would drop out when they panicked too much. these are the times when the locals are allowed to venture into the mountains in search of these DEAD, MISCARRIAGED babies, at the risk of their own lives. If these babies were not picked up in time, they will just rot in the wild and nothing can come out of this. i will not agree with you that it is cruel, because this is unevitable! this happened because of a natural disaster or condition, and if they are proven to be able to treat a human of death threatening sickness like asthma, why not make use of a god given treasure? Buddhists are vegetarians and compassionate by nature, i think you do not understand their method of obtaining these foetuses that’s why u thought they are cruel and not true to their religion. please find out for yourself.

  4. Am not sure how true this is… as the salesperson didn’t even hinted of it. Is the source of info accurate, or from only those who can profit from the sales? If true and if I have asthma, I wouldn’t want anyone to risk their lives to get a deer foetus. Aftershocks after earthquakes are frequent and deadly. About ‘please find out for yourself’, can you share how you found out by yourself? Thanks. Amituofo

  5. I’m not sure where you get the idea that : “being a country susceptible to earthquakes, often has tremors now and then and deep in the mountains, these pregnant deers are easily frightened and tend to jump and run about frantically during these earthquakes. They are prone to miscarriages, and the fetuses would drop out when they panicked too much.” but by 1969 all the wild Sika deers in Taiwan were wiped out due to access hunting. So it’s not possible that the Sika deers’ fetuses that they have for sale is obtained by natural means. Even if it’s by natural means, such practice will only increase demand that will lead to more killing. Utterly a no no!

  6. wow. this post is really old… but i came across the comments and had the urge to reply. i was in taiwan and visited the “shan zu” tribes and according to their leader, “mei hua lu” or “sika deer” being the taiwan’s national treasure, are highly protected. however, in view of the medicinal purpose, they are allowed to dig holes in the ground and if a male deer or non-pregnant female deer fell into the hole, they have to free them. however, if BY ANY CHANCE it is a PREGNANT female deer that unfortunately fell into the hole, they will deliver the fetus immediately because any pregnant female creature that fell into such a big hole would suffer a miscarriage. so, in their opinion, they are doing the pregnant female deer a favor because if they do not deliver the fetus on time, the female deer will die from severe hemorrhage too. and at the same time, the tribe will get the “fetus & placenta”. that’s their way of getting this pricey “medicine”.

    but if u asked me, i will say a big fat NO to this act.

  7. Re: Bravo!. All of you are right to strongly react and reject this kind of medicine even though your lovely people (children, spouse, parents…) has been serious sicked while there is only a choice to recover by using this medicine. Yes, you are all sitting there to see your lovely people dying to save this unborn deer. Again bravo!.

    Reply: Eating an aborted deer has NEVER been the only choice. Since when did an aborted deer saved a human life? See this: https://moonpointer.com/new/2016/06/what-desert-island/ May all beings be well and happy, free from pain and suffering.

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