Taiwan Adventure (9): Oh Deer!

A wholesale shop’s salesperson showed us a cellophane wrapped deer foetus, telling us that she is a ‘Buddhist’, and thinks that it is alright for those who have respiratory problems to use it for cure, even for vegetarians, since it’s ‘medicine’. I didn’t agree – because one’s health need not be improved based on the taking of a life – especially when there are alternative vegetarian cures available.

Which is more important – your health or the deer’s life? For me, I would rather live a little less well, and let a deer live, than to live better while depriving a deer of life (by the rule of supply and demand). Hey, it’s just a baby… unborn too! If you would not give up your baby for someone else, why should you demand someone else’s baby? (By the way, not all Buddhists are vegetarians, and none ‘need’ to be if not ready, though it is ideal to be, as one of the many practices of compassion.)

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