14 thoughts on “How I Became Veg*n

  1. I became Veggie when I have health disorder in the year 1994. Since then I have very good health and happy to save an animal by not eating meat. I am sorry for past life for eating meat. My family never gave me info on meat eating is sin.

  2. Nothing specific but I always felt sorry for the animals and my wife being a vego for a few years earlier than me made it so much easier to become a vegetarian. I think if one contemplates what would have been the plight of the animal he/she is about to eat, then the craving for meat gradually disappears. Also, watch Earthlings documentary on the web. I sent the link to Earthlings to one of my friends and he became a vegan overnight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlNXG1_gheI

  3. I became vegan when I became aware of factory farming and then vegetarian no longer made any sense to me. What happens when the hen stops laying eggs or the cow’s milk production decreases because of age? They are slaughtered for flesh foods for humans or for leather or pet food. I only regret I didn’t realize this sooner then I did!

    My friends talked me into attending a Buddhist meditation retreat. While there I asked one of the facilitators why they only served vegetarian food.
    She replied because they didn’t want to cause any suffering. It may have been the moment, or 8 days of meditation, but it struck me so hard I nearly cried. It was only later that I learned the facts of dairy farming and then became vegan instead of only vegetarian. Stop the suffering!

  4. I am SO glad a friend told me of this blog! Most of the people I know who identify as Buddhists aren’t even vegetarian, much less vegan. I was vegetarian for years thinking myself quite well informed and ethical. Then I discovered the truth of the dairy industry: cows slaughtered because they don’t give enough milk, male calves raised for veal so we can have the milk intended for them, male chicks crushed to death or just thrown in dumpsters to die. It is terrible but knowing this at least it gave me the resolve to become vegan and never falter.

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