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Japan Adventures (14) : Ideal Natural Sandwich

1152192_isolated_avocadoIn Japan, the ‘Subway’ sandwich options are not exactly the same as elsewhere. As the comically Japlish (Japanese English) tagline goes on its serviette packaging, ‘The natural ideal style of eating vegetable.’ Hmmm… almost makes one think Subway is a vegetarian eating place. ‘Natural ideal way’… Yes, keep the veggies (tomato, capsicum, pickles, olives, lettuce…) as raw if possible – that’s natural and ideal. There is an unwritten parallel but reversed dark side to the tagline – ‘The unnatural non-ideal style of eating animals’ – by cooking and sandwiching them, dressing them with sauce, ‘spicing’ it all up with… yes, good ol’ veggies. Yes, there are meat options too – ham, turkey, beef, chicken, tuna, shrimp… Then again, there is no natural way to eat animals – if they are not found already dead – naturally, in nature. What is more unnatural than breeding and killing them under torturous conditions? Nothing else. Anyway, the veggie sandwich options in Japan include ‘Veggie Delite’ (which is the usual) and ‘Avocado & Veggie’. In some countries such as Singapore, where there is the option of adding ‘Veggie/ Garden Patty’ – which is non-vegan though. From Subway Singapore’s website…

Do your breads contain animal products?

SUBWAY® Italian bread contains no animal-derived ingredients. The wheat bread and deli roll contain honey, which may be considered an animal-derived ingredient. The Parmesan Oregano and other cheese-topped breads do contain milk-derived ingredients.

What menu items at SUBWAY® restaurants are vegan/do not contain animal-derived ingredients?

The menu items that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients are the Veggie Delite® on Italian bread and the Veggie Delite® salad. Also these individual items also do not contain animal-derived ingredients: all vegetables, oil, vinegar, mustard and sweet onion sauce. The wheat bread and deli roll contain honey but no other animal-derived ingredients.

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