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Jinx in ‘Die Another Day’ says, ‘Most artists are only truly appreciated after they are dead.’ Yes, this is a sad truth known by many, artists included. When they die, it’s official that the artists can produce no more masterpieces. Suddenly, even their less masterful pieces become masterpieces. Those who treasured their works the most while they are alive are the ones who gain the most.

Here’s another take on this phenomenon… The Buddha too, is more greatly appreciated by many after he manifested his passing into parinirvana. This he did precisely due to the above truth, coupled with the fact that the collective good karma of the world for his physical presence petered out then.

Just as artists’ works are valued more after their demise, the Buddha’s teachings are treasured more after his passing. No longer can we think that the Buddha will always be around, that we will always be around, that we can learn from him when old. The Buddha himself manifested impermanence of his body – to remind us that time waits for no man. It might be too late to learn the Dharma when we are old – if we get to get old at all.

This is why the Buddha chose to be ‘away’ after finishing his 45 years of teaching. (Incidentally, the Buddha is history’s longest teaching founder of a world religion.) And yes, the Buddha is an artist of sorts too – who taught the art of living, and dying, and of transcending life and death.

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