Lead : By Example

The poorest leaders are those who think they are the best leaders, when they are the exact opposite. They will always think they don’t need any training to better themselves, while always thinking their staff need more training to pull up the socks. The ironical truth might be that the staff’s socks might already be pretty high up, but they are not recognised by their leaders because their own socks are so low that they cannot see how high others’ socks are – they simply cannot relate.

These leaders should lead by example instead, to train themselves, even as they urge their staff to be trained. If not, the weakest link in the organisation would be the leaders – crazy as it might sound. This is not too far-fetched a scenario – just think corrupted countries where the leaders think they are doing a good job, while the indignant citizens cannot speak up loud enough to be heard or understood – without being punished. To summarise, the only moment you should stop bettering yourself is when you are already the best; fully enlightened, as a Buddha. Before that, our socks are simply not high enough!

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