Truth : A Dare

While chatting with someone on something serious, he suggested that I be as candid as possible with him. I laughed and said, ‘I’m always candid. I only conceal the truth from those who cannot take it.’ Upon further reflection later, I realised that I am seldom as candid as I wish I could be – because most people cannot take the most important truths – the especially hard truths – about themselves.

But what’s more crucial for reflection is whether I’m one of them, and whether I’m perceived as one of them. Beyond tinted perception due to delusions, the other way we miss the truths about ourselves is by inner resistance and unmindfully projected outer resistance. Such resistance is the functioning of our attachment to the way we think we are, and aversion to any feedback that presents otherwise.

I’ve written thousands of articles so far, on various subjects – shared with readers via newsletters, websites, books, magazines and talks. I guess it’s my elaborate way of letting the world check me – to let them feedback (if they wish) on what they think about what I think. It was scary at first, but it’s my life now. Can’t imagine living any other way that’s more fulfilling. (Okay there are other ways, but this is my relatively lazy way.) This is my dare – blog your views for the world to see and comment… with as little concealment as you can, and be prepared for surprises!

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