Volunteer : Some Help

Ti: Why is she doing so little? Shouldn’t she do as much as us to help?
Gi: Well, she’s just a volunteer.
Ti: But so are we!
Gi: You should see it this way – she needn’t have volunteered at all, but because she is helping, she is in a way volunteering to lessen your work. Why not be grateful for this, instead of complaining?
Ti: Yeah… I guess I should be thankful.
Gi: Interestingly, if she didn’t volunteer at all, you wouldn’t have grumbled about her at all!
Ti: I guess it was too much to demand that all volunteers share one another’s work load equally.
Gi: To each his or her own willing capacity! Better that there is some help than none at all!

3 thoughts on “Volunteer : Some Help

  1. Someone said this before’Since you choose to volunteer, all the more you should put in more effort because others might do it with duty(work),etc but u do it with a choice.’

    If she done her best, no comments as no one can do things equally. If she did not, shouldn’t someone guide her the meaning of volunterism? Everyone needs time and chance to grow and glow. Ultimately, the choice is hers but at least she is given chances to choose.

  2. Indeed… volunteers can encourage one another to volunteer more willingly, more happily and more unconditionally 🙂

  3. People volunteer for various types of reasons – some just to do good, some really want to pay forward, some to accumulate good karma, some to kill time, some too bore at home and nothing to do, some do it because their friends doing, some do it so that they can talk about it, some to do to make themselves feel great etc ….

    Because of their purpose for volunteering, it dictates the actions too. And some are new and due to their capabilities, they might not to do much. So, I would think I could not comment, after all who am I to judge?

    But if there are more committed and inspiring volunteers around, they don’t need to talk, their actions can be contagious and indirectly encourage others. I met 2 of such volunteers who are real inspiring.

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