Not : Meant To Be

Often, I cringe when I hear people say…
‘Maybe it’s not meant to be.’
Because if it’s really just a maybe,
why even half-cling to such semi-fatalism? 

‘Maybe it’s not meant to be.’
Another classic oxymoronic expression!
Most things are not meant to be anything…
other than we we make or suppose them to be.

‘Maybe it’s not meant to be?’
Wrong question!
 ‘To be, or not to be…
 that is the question!’

Something is truly ‘not meant to be’
only after we have done our best
to make it ‘be’.
Even so, it’s only ‘not meant to be’ for now.

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1 thought on “Not : Meant To Be

  1. Came across this related saying today –



    For all matters, with all your heart do your best…
    the success or failure of which is thereafter up to karma.

    Funkier version:

    Just do your best,
    and karma will do the rest! 😀

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