Just Astonishment & Gladness

Last Saturday, after giving an almost full day course to guides on guiding in a Buddhist temple, I had about two and a half hours’ break before teaching lesson two of a Pureland class. At first, I was apprehensive of how my voice might be affected, by how tired I might be when it’s lesson time. However, something wonderfully strange happened (again). It was one of the effective lessons I had ever delivered. The lesson flowed on naturally, with much ease, peppered with relevant jokes that resonated with the class.

Every time an incredibly smooth-sailing Dharma lesson transpires, I would reflect and wonder how it happened. It was as if it wasn’t the usual me who taught. Was I channeling someone else? Of course not – especially since I didn’t feel an external power or being entering me. I was mindful of every sentence spoken, clearly aware, freely interacting with the class. Upon deeper thought, it didn’t feel like it was ‘me’ teaching because there was a much lesser sense of ‘me’, not because it wasn’t really (conventionally) me.

I was less self-conscious, and thus more purely conscious, with little fixation on the illusion of self. Since it wasn’t an extraneous entity from without speaking through me, it must be part of my selfless Buddha-nature within shining through? I have no other theory. It’s really nothing to be proud of, such experiences, because there is no solid ‘one’ or ‘self’ there and then to feel pride! There is just astonishment and gladness thereafter.

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3 thoughts on “Just Astonishment & Gladness

  1. Amituofo! That’s an interesting and enjoyable class in comparison to 1st lesson and I thought it is because you touched on your favourite subject on Pureland that your voice or you “Glow”. Keep it up. Amituofo!

  2. When u let go of your ‘self’, the inner wisdom arise.

    May u have more of such wonderful experiences!

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