The 10,000 Things You Can’t Bring Along

Pic: Dharma Drum Singapore

During the Dharma discussion portion after the screening of Groundhog Day at Dharma Drum, Kee Yew brought up an interesting point… There was a scene where Phil (played by Bill Murray) attempts to get a lesson to learn how to play the piano. Because he relives the same Groundhog Day, he decided he should simply pay more to get a solid good lesson. He paid $1,000 – because he literally had no tomorrow. Kee Yew remarked that it taught him not to procrastinate on doing what he wants to.

Though we might not relive Groundhog Day, it is likewise true that we might have no tomorrow… as in we might die today. I added that the willingness to pay $1,000 for what is deemed worthy reminded me of how we should stretch our limits of generosity by being willing to donate more and more for worthy causes. As long as we die with a penny in our pocket, we are a penny too rich when we die!

Likewise, we need to remember that tomorrow might not come – for us to donate later. As the Buddhist saying goes, ‘万般带不去,唯有业随身’ [The ten thousand (material) things cannot be brought over to the next life, while only one’s karma follows]. If we cannot bring our wealth along, we might as well put it into good use by using it to benefit others now – which also happens to benefit us as sincere generosity creates good karma – that can be brought over to the next life!

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