What If Someone Loves You Till He’ll Kill For You?

In the movie ‘Suspect X’, a brilliant mathematician plans an elaborate scheme that involves murder to help his love interest get away with manslaughter. When one is driven so much by love that it involves killing another, is such love still healthy? Is such love ‘lovely’ or lovable? Would it be more touching or disturbing? Is such love True Love? If yes, how can True Love for one necessitate hate for another? (In Buddhist psychology, there must be some hate generated for killing to be done, while intelligence does not equate to wisdom.)

At first glance, one might think this man had done a great sacrifice out of love, as he would very likely become a murder suspect. But this is not really untainted True Love, because it has elements of great attachment (to the beloved), great aversion (towards the possibility of the beloved being held responsible, thus being held away) and great delusion (about how love should be expressed). One who has True Love would sacrifice one’s own attachment, aversion and delusion instead of anyone, while generating the opposite qualities of generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom respectively.