Soldiers… You’ve Got to Soldier On

We were there among the some 12,000, and it was truly fantastic. (Yes, I said it before.) Many say it was one of the best gigs Coldplay had for this season. Above is an unofficial video from the March 23 2009 Viva La Vida concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium. (Not filmed by me though. See paper maple leaves falling as confetti… I hope they recycle them!) A line from ‘Lovers in Japan’ resonated with me when I heard the CD, and especially strongly during the concert. ‘Soldiers… you’ve got to soldier on.’ On the video wall then was a dated film clip of soldiers marching on. The way the line was sung seemed to fit the sentiments of the footage well.

Lovers, keep on the road you’re on [towards True Love for all without attachment?]
Runners, until the race is run [towards the destination that is enlightenment?]
Soldiers, you’ve got to soldier on [for whatever good cause you are ‘fighting’ for?]
Sometimes even right is wrong [So please be sure your cause is right!]

At that moment, some feelings of existential anguish (Dukkha) welled up in me, as thoughts of the samsaric grief and ‘injustices’ that I have gone through surfaced. That line sung of empathy and encouragement to me. It reminded me to soldier on for whatever I do, against all odds, because it is worthy, and because I really do know this is so. A bittersweet wave of emotions swept over me. It made me want to cry, but it made me hold back… and let it go too. It was recognition of Dukkha, yet swiftly followed by the resolution to get over it. I think I left the concert a subtly stronger person. Long live Coldplay! (Below is the official music video of the song – where you can hear the song better.)

2 thoughts on “Soldiers… You’ve Got to Soldier On

  1. It is a good song 🙂 and your commentary is even better. One observation: the video- 😀 grapher of the you tube official video – makes the whole interpretation of the song in 3 big themes – there is world within our won world is the first one, that world is spinning around all the time and finally that you see in this world is not real. 8)

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