Buddha Up Buddha Down

I helped to move a huge framed Buddha picture by a friend’s van. While placing it in the back of the van, I laid it face down. My friend remarked that it might be disrespectful – as the downward direction denotes lowliness. I replied that I placed it that way to protect the picture, as the glass might break or be scratched more easily if exposed. We both had good intentions but had different ways of expressing them. Moral of this incident? Respectfulness comes from the intention behind an action. As with many if not all other matters, it is not enough to judge the worth of an act by itself!

6 thoughts on “Buddha Up Buddha Down

  1. I would say your friend had asked the wrong question, probably she or he should ask why you did what you did rather than just said it’s disrespectful outright. Asking why is definitely more respectful and less accusing especially when we can’t read mind.

    Anyway who sets the rule that downward direction denotes lowliness? 🙁

  2. I think it is better to put the frame with picture facing up because if the van experiences a bump, it is the back of the picture that will get the jolt or risk being scratched.

  3. The picture can be wrapped in newspaper for more protection during transportation :ninja:

  4. hmmm… because the frame has some depth before the glass, placing it down fully protects the glass and picture (since the van’s floor was carpeted), while placing the glass upwards makes it more open to danger. Yup, wrapping it makes it even safer. Placing it on a mattress after wrapping makes it even more bump-proof! Okay… that’s too much 😆

  5. It does not matter how you place it,so long it is well protected from breakage during transportation. Respectfulness comes from the mind or intent. Do what is necessary pragmatically and we need to treat the image physically, verbally and mindfully with due respect…

  6. Irregardless on the transportation method, this incident is really a good example to show how different perspectives, if not communicated properly, will lead to misunderstanding and arguements, and may eventually lead to breakups. If we are mindful of words (and emotions) spoken and exchanged, we could prevent lots of unnecessary disagreement.

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