How About TDE Book 4?

Snail-mailed slightly more than 100 copies of ‘The Daily Enlightenment 3: Reflections for Practising Buddhists’ so far – to generous contributors. The production cost is about 70% covered so far (though there are many efforts involved not quantifiable by money). But we definitely welcome more contributions to urge the faster production of TDE 4!

The truth is, there is enough backlogged Dharma materials for at up to TDE 7 or 8 by now! Maybe we should produce more than one TDE book per year. But that will depend on how steady the funds trickle in. We hope to do Moonpointer books too! So many projects, so little time and funds! Anyway, happy Vesak tomorrow!

Limited copies are being circulated during Vesak at limited places.
Here is how you can contribute to the TDE project and get the book:

Online Contribution:
Cheque Contribution:

7 thoughts on “How About TDE Book 4?

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! :pff:

    Hmmm… Still thinking of whether to make TDE 4 with 365 articles (like TDE 1; but more pages!) or with 52 articles (one per week, like the slim TDE 2 and 3). Not sure if having 365 articles will be too thick for most readers’ convenience. What do u think?

  2. Visual wise, this Bk 3 is more reader-friendly, can’t remember if bk 1 or 2, the print format/font is not as nice. :pinch:

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