Stuck in the ‘Land of the Lost’?

In the movie ‘Land of the Lost’, an explorer-scientist discovers a dimension which is not way back in the past or way forward in the future; it supposedly exists sideways to our linear time-stream. It’s the ‘Land of the Lost’, where past, present and future coexist at the same time. Now, is such a zone in ultimately fantastical?

If you think carefully, we are already living in the Land of the Lost – because the present is really the fruit of the past, while the present is also the seed of the future. In this sense, past, present and future always coexist in the now… albeit without outrageous dinosaurs, monkey and lizard people!

What makes this world we live in the Land of the Lost is when we are lost in the stream of time, flowing mindlessly from past to present, from present to future. We tend to only look backwards (by being attached to the unchangeable past) or only look forward (by being attached to the unformed future). When we turn sideways to mindfully see the present, we will see what we miss in the moment! The tagline of the movie says ‘Right place. Wrong time.’ Indeed, we are always right here, but are we right in the now? Now’s the time to explore now.