Breathe Now!


Last Sunday, I attended a refresher lesson on meditation. I was pleasantly surprised and reminded of the powerful benefits of simple meditation. Once again I was brought down to earth with the very basics – on how to breathe mindfully. Breathing is one of the most basic ‘instincts’ of all beings, thus most often taken for granted, if not forgotten. When we lose mindfulness of our breathing, we lose the chance of being truly alive. We may have done many things today, but have we truly breathed in the moment?

Seldom do remember that mindfulness of each breath has the ability to bring us almost instant collectedness and calmness. It’s the best tranquiliser (which doesn’t numb) that we can offer our tired and neglected body and mind, which is often overrun by the trivialities and stress of everyday life.

Right now, take a deep breath, and exhale just as deeply. Just once. Let go of everything else, and just be one with your normal uncontrived breathing. As the Buddha taught in the Anapanasati Sutta, ‘Always mindful, he breathes in; mindful he breathes out’. Amituofo!

2 thoughts on “Breathe Now!

  1. Feeling agitated and anxious
    read this post
    became aware of the present moment
    calm, focused, mindful once again
    thank you

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