How Buddha Mindfulness Helps Meditation


I became serious in my Pureland practice after attending classes and doing in-depth research into the subject. For a couple of years now, 24/7, I will try my best to be mindful of Amitabha Buddha whenever I have any free moments. At first, my intention was to train my mind to response with mindfulness of Amituofo whenever I need. Little did I realise that this practice gradually became habitual, in contrast with the usual stray thoughts which arise.

Last Sunday’s meditation session was rather a fruitful one. I was able to be mindful of the object of meditation quite well, without as much stray thoughts as there used to be. It was fair successful refusing my mind the roller-coaster ride that it used to love enjoy. On hindsight, could it be my regular practice of being mindful of the Buddha that aided the meditation session?

Even though the object of meditation differs (one is the breath and the other the name of Amituofo), but as my daily practice was likewise to tame my monkey mind into ‘automagically’ holding the object of meditation well. And as we know, if we are truly mindful of Amitabha Buddha (Amituofo), He and all other Buddhas are concurrently are mindful of us too. What can beat the notion of having all Buddhas in all directions being mindful of you while you while you are being mindful of one of them (Amituofo)?

Later today I will be attending a full day Pureland retreat. Hopefully, it will be equally fruitful as the last meditation session. Amituofo!

2 thoughts on “How Buddha Mindfulness Helps Meditation

  1. According to this book “Teaching of Bodhidharma” I quote ‘invoking Buddha’s name create good karma, reciting sutras good memory and keeping precepts good rebirth.’ Maybe later you should learnt Chan and used the Huatou “Who is chanting Amituofo”. Keep up your practice.

  2. According to the Amitabha Sutra, mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha will enable one to reborn in his Pureland and that’s Purelanders’ ultimate aim. Hmmm, I do not have much intention to venture into Chan and Huatou, maybe because I have found my niche in nianfo. Huatou Chan does not ‘activates’ sharing in the merits of Amitabha Buddha, that are crucial for birth in Pureland. Life is too short for me too switch around. I practice meditation only in hoping of brushing up my mindfulness to aid my nianfo. 🙂

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