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Alternative Film Reviews

To my aghast, despite having taken detailed notes for each of the movies below during previewing, I’m finding it quite a challenge rushing out reviews for all of them before the film fest commences. (Sankara’s review is completed though.) Those familiar would know that my reviews are usually very detailed, because that’s the only way, to me, that can do justice to the films… which is why writing them is quite a huge project. The alternative I came up with is to search the net for interesting and objective reviews to share, so as to help promote the other nine films before the festival starts. Have fun choosing which movie to watch! Get your tix at before they sell out!

Synopses & Trailers

A Full Bright Moon (Yilun Mingyue) (Chinese) (English)

Dhamma Brothers


Arukihenro – Walking Pilgrims

Bhutan – Taking the Middle Path to Happiness

Unmistaken Child

Mekong Full Moon Party

Zen Buddhism – In Search of Self

Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Act Normal

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