No Regrets?

This song (‘No Regrets’ by Robbie Williams) came to mind today, and I wondered what was memorable about it… before recalling having quoted from it for a The Daily Enlightenmentarticle. (It’s as below.) Looking at the video, I remember how the scenes from 2:14 minutes onwards were intriguing to me. Robbie walks off with a can of gasoline, leaving a trail of the volatile liquid dripping wherever he goes. Somehow, after walking a long way off, the beginning of the trail ignites. Towards the end of the video, the blaze comes close to his heels, and he’s still holding the can… Now, what could all that mean?

Here is my interpretation. Though the song is about having no regrets and sounds poignant, there is regrettably some hate or resentment in its lyrics. The trail represents a potential trail of destruction that we leave behind with our past actions. Think planting seeds of karma. When this trail is not checked in time, and when ‘sparking’ conditions are available, disaster follows as an inescapable effect. Not only can one’s actions wreck havoc for others, the chain of cause and effect eventually tracks one down. Too bad if you’re still holding the can of hate! Prepare for the fruition of negative karma with explosive effects! When we set out to burn others, we eventually burn ourselves. No regrets? Sure? Now’s the time to regret our trails of destruction… before it’s too late.

The Only Regrettable Thing

Why regret your regrets?
Dissolve them by doing what is ‘appropriate’.
If ‘that’ is inappropriate, dissolve them still –
because that would be only appropriate thing left to do.

– Stonepeace

Some have no regrets
because they have not reflected enough,
which is regrettable.

Some have few regrets
because they are resolved as they arise,
such that nothing regrettable persists.

Some have many regrets
because they do nothing to resolve them,
as they grow in more regrettable ways.

Why regret if you can do something about it?
Why regret if you cannot do anything about it?
The only thing truly regrettable is not realising this.

No regrets – they don’t work.
No regrets now – they only hurt.

– No Regrets (Robbie Williams)


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