Truth, Goodness & Beauty

Perfect goodness (universal compassion) based upon
perfect truth (universal wisdom)
leads to perfect beauty (universal magnificence) –
in the form of Buddhahood.

– Stonepeace

A popular author on comparative faiths espouses this idea – ‘It doesn’t matter what you believe, but how you behave.’ (This might not be a verbatim quote.) At first, it seems perfectly alright, a sound concept to promote. But if you are to reflect deeper, it might not be. Here are associated words of the keywords involved:

Believe: Belief; Inner Basis; Truth/Delusion; Understanding; Wisdom
Behave: Behaviour; Outer Expression; Goodness/Evil; Love; Compassion

As you might have realised by now, it does matter what you believe, because it determines how you behave. It’s idealistic to imagine that all aspects of all so-called spiritual beliefs lead to similar acts of universal understanding and love (wisdom and compassion) – because one’s outer expressions are based on different inner bases of ideology – some of which might be truthful and good, some of which deluded and evil, and in many cases, a mix of the above.