Daughters of Death


I saw her holding the catalogue like a new found treasure. As she sat down in the train, happily, she started to flip through the catalogue of Death. But Death is cunning, he portrayed death in the nicest way possible, with no blood or gore, but with utmost exquisite beauty. Death (another name for the tempter Mara) has three seductive daughters, and they have their ways with humans, men and women alike. The daughters know what humans like to see, hear, feel…

The daughters are featured in the catalogue. They are perfectly poised with dramatic lighting and heavy ‘make-up’. The polished crocodile skin, the shiny snake skin and the smooth calf skin, perfectly fitting. She could almost see herself with that smart suit and that ‘it’ bag. It’s tragic that she can’t see the expressions of anguish or hear the screams of pain behind the scenes. Death is ‘good’… how he packages death with flawless precision… as beauty, his daughters as if the very sources of happiness. I saw her grinning at skin-made stilettos. She must be in love with…

Taṇhā – the first daughter of Death, aka Craving,
Arati – the second daughter of Death, aka Aversion and last but not least
Rāga – the third daughter, aka Lust.

As I saw her alighted the train, the three daughters giggled their way out with her, as they pranced on in her mind.

Craving for more than we need is excess and extravagant.
Aversion for a spiritual life without contentment is bound for the lower realms.
Lust for sense pleasures is what keeps us coming back for more (rebirths).

Last but not least, turning a blind eye to sentient beings’ (animals) suffering is incorrigible lack of compassion. You have the choice to make a much kinder choice. Choose non-animal products.

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