My Long To-Do List

There are 25 Word files to edit.
There are 8 emails to reply.
There are 2 PDF files to read.
There are 3 web browsers, with 9 tabs to surf.
There is Dreamweaver awaiting some uploading.

My mission today…
is to speed through the work above,
to do them all,
before shutting down my computer,
instead of leaving any application open.

I’m going on leave.
And it reminds me
of how I’m unlikely to do it all in time,
before I leave this office.
I’ll have to let some work go.

Samsaric tasks will never be completed.
Samsara will never end…
till I let it go in time,
to go to Pureland instead,
before returning to continue the real work… of helping all.

[Blogging might be less frequent for a while.]