Who’s the Real Killjoy?

Yet another birthday celebration with an eggless cake.
Yet another attempt to educate on why it’s insensitive to animals’ suffering.

Call me a killjoy perhaps, but there is no joy in being killed for others’ joy.
Below is my reply to all to a mass email asking for fund-pooling for a bought cake.


Apologies for the inconvenience, but kindly leave me out of all non-vegan cake offerings.
It’s my little vote of no-support for animal exploitation and murder as a vegan.
I have to speak up for the cows in terms of dairy produce because no one here seems to.
It is the responsibility of those who know the truth to share it, especially if it saves lives.

All modern milk cows get killed for beef and leather later,
after forcibly separated from their underfed calves to have their milk stolen by humans.
Male calves are killed young for beef and leather because they don’t give milk too.
Milk is a product not less cruel than beef and leather.

More problems with milk: http://veg.ca/content/view/139/110/
Sg vegan cakes (egg and milk free): http://wholesomeliving-sg.com/productCAKES.html

May all animals be free from the demand for their produce.
May all beings be well and happy.
Amituofo, shi’an

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