Yes, No & Dunno!


Once there are three friends – Yes, No and Dunno. Yes is full of enthusiasm, who believes that many high ideals are possible, provided that they are accomplished with right understanding and effort. No is full of skepticism, who doesn’t believe he can accomplish much or that the goals are possible, even though he has all the time of the world to try harder. Dunno, who is lacking in awareness and reflection, neither believes nor disbelieves either, as he simply doesn’t know much of what’s going on.

One day, the trio meet a great teacher and decided to learn a spiritual technique from him. Yes, being his usual self, is diligent and wholehearted in diving into the practice. In a very short time, he was able to see results. No, being his usual self, is doubtful of both the teaching and his own abilities, thus having little results. Thus, deciding it’s a practice of no particular usefulness due to confusion. Dunno, being his usual self, is clueless about the practice.

Yes: Yes! This is the best spiritual breakthrough experience I’ve had so far!
No: Nay! I think only a sage can really achieve something. We are all merely ordinary folks.
Dunno: Don’t know… maybe… perhaps… whatever!

Which one are you? Are you the one who is always open to possibilities, who tries one’s best, or the one who keeps putting oneself down due to the slightest obstacles met? Or are you the ambivalent one who doesn’t give much of a hoot? In reality, Yes, No and Dunno are none other than our mind-states, which we might switch between. We choose which attitude to adhere to. Is the one we choose the right one for the right matter?

Yes’ attitude is positive, which open many doors to improvements and achievements. What he needs is to beware of becoming egoistic or impatient though. It is best not to let pride take over or be overly attached to results. No’s attitude is negative, which narrows his own potential towards greatness. What he needs is to build his confidence and engage more in actual practice, instead of being too disbelieving or cynical. It is best not let his inferiority complex drown him. Dunno’s attitude is too lax, which renders him neither here or there, towards an affirmative Yes or a negative No. What he needs is to be more proactive and hardworking in learning. It is best not let his clueless attitude cloud him. (The above offers three stereotypical characters for illustrations. One might be a mix of Yes, No and Dunno of different proportions, but slant towards one of them more.)

2 thoughts on “Yes, No & Dunno!

  1. I used to be a No and an occasional Dunno. I only resembled a Yes when I wanted something really badly and especially in opposition to certain people I felt were stifling my potential, and even then… I might’ve been closer to a Dunno with all my conflictedness.

    Now I’m very much on the Yes side of things. How things have changed. 🙂 It has not been without the help of many great spirits (other states of mind met along the way) that I have been able to find the way to such changes.

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