Does Supe Believe in God?

From ‘The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo!’ by Mike Allred:

Madman: Do you believe in God?
Superman: … After everything I’ve gone through, after all the incredible things I’ve seen, I’d be foolish to say no. I’ve experienced so many unexplainable things that a supreme being seems to be the only thing that could make the unexplainable explainable…
Madman: … I mean, you’re pretty much a god yourself.
Superman: I’m very much just a man. I take my responsibilities seriously, but believe me, I’m very much just a man.


1. Why should countless incredible things in the universe be attributed to only one incredible being?
2. How about nature itself being naturally incredible?
3. How about attributing the countless incredible things in the universe to countless beings’ collective karma?
4. Is it not foolish to not consider the above before assuming there is an unseen super-deity behind it all?
5. How are countless unexplainable things explained by an unexplainable supreme being who offers no explanation?
6. If Superman takes his responsibilities to humankind seriously despite being just a man, is he not godly or God-like?

Madman contradicts himself by first asking Superman if he believes in a supreme God, thereafter commenting that Superman is god-like in his powers. Does Madman believe there is only one God or that there are many gods, whom Superman is one of? In the Western world, there is popular belief in only one God. However, in the same Western world… of creative comics, many godly beings are created, though none of whom are ever suggested to be the ‘indisputable’ supreme God… probably in the fear of creating religious disputes.

The Buddhist take is that there are many gods, while there is no supremely good creator God, though there is one who mistaken himself to be so. Meanwhile, humans can become godly via their good conduct in this life, which can result in godly rebirths with supernormal powers, though they are never as super as those of fully enlightened beings perfect in compassion and wisdom – Buddhas, whom we can all spiritually evolve to become via perfection of Dharma practice.


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