Two Ways to End Animal Sacrifice

This is a message from Human Society International. It might be belated, but it’s important and we can work towards ending the next round of killing…

We urgently need your help [by signing the petition here] to stop the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals [some say half a million] next week during the Gadhimai Jatra festival in Bara, Nepal. Humane Society International is working with our local partners, Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT) and Animal Nepal, to prevent this reckless animal cruelty before the festival takes place November 24 & 25. Every five years, hundreds of men are licensed to kill buffalo, pigs, chickens, rats, goats, and pigeons, receiving a fee for each animal they take. Cruelly, the animals are chased and hacked to death with knives in a competition to kill as many as possible within two days. According to Animal Welfare Network Nepal, the real beneficiaries are the festival organizers and business community, who drive up prices for animals in the lead up to the festival and then pressure local people to contribute livestock to the event.

Animal advocates are asking that the community provide fruits and vegetables instead of animals for the festival. KAT and Animal Nepal are organizing a counter-campaign of peaceful meditation, and together we are petitioning the government, which has reportedly paid for an enclosure to hold thousands of buffalo ahead of the event, to stop the slaughter. Please take action immediately by writing to Nepal’s Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism to request a halt to this outdated tradition, considered barbaric by many local people who would like to stop it but feel helpless to do so. Then, ask your friends and family to help, too. We need to let Nepalese leaders know that the world is watching and considers this bloody practice tragic and shameful.

A friend sent this to Nepal’s authorities…

The concept of animal sacrifice originated from the sacrificing of the animal-tendencies [like pride, greed, selfishness…] in humans  so that our True or Divine Nature may shine forth. This is the goal of life. But the concept has been grossly misunderstood and its practice taken out of context.

No amount killing innocent of animals will make the world or Nepal a better place. In fact, it would only bring heavy retributions. Our basic humans instincts tells us clearly it is abhorrent to kill helpless innocent animals. Please know that the world is watching Nepal regarding this matter and that millions of people who care about animals will form an impression of Nepal. Thank you so much for considering.

Sophie: Let me know if you have any update on this.
Shi’an: The killing is already happening. There are actually mass animal sacrifices every single day – of billions of animals – for billions of humans who demand for their flesh. You can also take action to stop support of this by refraining from meat.  There’s no need to sign a petition to do this. May all beings be be free from fear and danger, and be well and happy.

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